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Matters discussed:

·         who was John Calvin

·        incorrectness of phrase “Judeo-Christian value system”

·         continuing validity of Mosaic Law, appealing to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount

·         meaning of “apologetics”

·        distinctiveness of Christian morality from other moral systems

·         criteria of magistrates for whom we may vote

·         role of women in Mosaic Law

·        brief apologetic against Mormonism

·         6th commandment issues: proper translation; just & unjust killing

·         proper understanding of “an eye for an eye” legislation in Mosaic Law

duration: 25:20

Matters discussed:

·         brief testimony & how The Will of God came to be

·        dual purpose of my book: particular guidance from God

·         nature of Decalogue as a summary of the hundreds of moral laws given through Moses

·         various meanings of “Separation of Church & State”

·         Christian nature of the people & the State at time of USA’s founding

·         how to push the pendulum in our society back toward God

·        examples of particular Mosaic laws that address mundane issues of today

·         why our nation has declined

·         duties of civil rulers

·        overview of my book & how to use it

·         theocentric nature of both Tables of the Decalogue

·         how to win back our youth

·        crime & moral degradation of society are God’s judgments for ignoring Him & His Law

duration: 26:30

Matters discussed:

·         description of the book, The Will of God

·        why understanding Calvin’s commentaries on Moses is important

·         why I published my book

·         comments on poll stating America’s trend toward “spirituality,” away from “religion”

·        Calvin’s influence on America

·         clarifying the phrase “Separation of Church & State”

·        Christian nature of USA’s founding

·         how to bring our nation back to God: personal & national repentance

·         social problems come from rejection of God & His Law

·        why things like school shootings occur & how to respond to unbelievers who challenge the veracity of Christianity on basis of such tragedies

·         informing about Anno Domini

·        addressing the extent our founders were influenced by Europe’s Enlightenment movement, the Scriptures, John Calvin’s teachings

duration: 20:18
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